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Buying a gift for your boyfriend, husband or Dad can be really hard, especially if he’s a guy like me, who seemingly has or has tried everything. That’s why I did this Bespoke Post review, to help you find that perfect gift for him, and that gift is Bespoke Post. Despite having everything, I have kept Bespoke Post since 2013, so you know it’ll make a great gift for him.

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Since I’ve been a member since 2013 I can easily say this is one of the best subscription boxes for men. I’ve tried Sprezzabox, Birchbox, etc. and this is the only one I’ve get, and that’s mainly due to the diversity of the items you receive.

// How much does Bespoke Post cost?

Every month the price for each subscription box is $45. You can cancel at anytime and you don’t ever have to order. You can just cancel or skip your box every month.

// What are the options with the Bespoke Post?

You can choose between 1 and 6 boxes (varies by month) depending on your tastes. In this particular review I did the Ether box, which BespokePost picked automatically for me after I filled out my profile. Your guy can customize their box every month and even add on items.

// What’s in the BespokePost?
++Men’s haul from Bespoke Post

So every month you can expect cool product, from every day carry items like a keychain, to a pocket knife or brass pen to things like a tool chest.

The items cater to Dad’s, boyfriends, husbands and pretty much every guy (and some girls too). I bet he will love this gift idea, plus it’s only $45 so it’s not too expensive.

// Why choose Bespoke Post?
++Gift Ideas for Men: BespokePost Subscription

If you’re having trouble deciding what’s the best gift idea for him, then just take the plunge and order them BespokePost. Grab the gift card if you don’t have their current shipping information or just setup the account for them so they can go in and customize things.

Hope you enjoy, and if you order Bespoke Post, let me know in the comments.


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