Staying on budget while crafting the wedding of your dreams is no easy task. While there are a lot of ways you can shave the pounds off the total bill (Rule 1. Never EVER say something is for wedding if you can help it) many love birds struggle with keeping costs low when it comes to flowers. 

They look gorgeous in photosfill the space with sweet scents and can take a bare venue from empty to ethereal in moments.  Personally, I think the biggest benefit of the all-important brides’ bouquet is to give the bride something to do with her hands while they walk down the aisle (as a self-confessed fidgeter, I speak from personal experience). 

But boy, can the cost of those festive flowers add up! If you are looking to create the perfect look for less, try some of my money saving tips to keep your budget on track.  

Stay in season

An oldie but a goodie. Choose only flowers that are in season when it comes to picking out the varieties you will use during your big day.  

These daysyou can get almost any type of flower at any time of year… for a cost. Florists can get flowers imported from all around the world but while this may allow you to recreate that Instagram post of your dreamsit’s going to take a significant chunk out of your budget.   

Flowers that are in season are always going to be cheaper, not to mention fresher and more vibrant. Do your research about what is in season in your area around your wedding date. Take advice from experts like the Birmingham Botanical Gardens for truly local knowledge.  

Less is more

If you have your heart set on using exotic blooms or a particular type of flower that is definitely not in season on your wedding day don’t despair. Consider making one or two of those particular types of flowers a centrepiece amongst a backdrop of seasonal flowers. 

A bouquet doesn’t need to be overflowing to be beautiful. A single large calla lily or orchid nestled in ferns can make for a striking minimalist presentation style bouquet. Single stems bouquets of large flowers like hydrangeas or protea are also a gorgeous look.  

Delivery delights

If you have left it a bit late to get your flowers organised then opting for a flower delivery service could be an ideal way to get what you want, when you want it.  

Choose a reputable company that guarantees how long their flowers will last like Bloom Magic’s Birmingham delivery which guarantees at least 7 days of freshness. Knowing how long you have means you don’t need to be waiting for a delivery the day of your wedding and can instead arrange for delivery a couple of days beforehand.  

Make your budget go further by using flowers from your ceremony to decorate your venue as well, there is no need to double up on flowers for the different parts of the day when you can easily reuse them. 

Fake it till you make it 

Who says you have to use the real thing?  

Artificial flowers can look just as good as freshly cut blooms. There are even rental services for gorgeous silk flowers that can help you cut down on costs, not to mention waste if you are wanting to pay attention to the environmental impact of your nuptials.  

No worrying about what is in season, if your pollen allergies will play up or what happens if it is unseasonably hot and your thoughtfully picked out posies don’t get enough water with this option  

Grow your own

This option certainly takes some advance planning, but the outcome can be truly spectacular. If you or a loved one is a keen gardener, grow your flowers yourself. While the time invested in them will be a lotthe cost will be so much lower than buying flowers. Seasonal and regional flowers will be the easiest option here but the truly green thumbed can make miracles happen in green houses too.     

Now that you are prepared with ways to saveI cant wait to see what you come up with for your big day.   

Whether you choose home grown hydrangeas, delivered dahlias or silk crafted California poppiesthe perfect flower picks are within reach and more importantly, your budget! 

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